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Our Expertise

Each of our ceramic dishes is born of a certain alchemy: that of Earth and Fire, which produces strong, long-lasting materials, but also that of passion (the heart) and our craftsmen’s expertise (the hands). It all began in 1850 with Jacques Henry. Since then, the torch has been passed from father to son for six generations in Burgundy, from Emile to Jean-Baptiste.

They have all been driven by two passions: ceramics and home cooking. This is why we treat each step of our manufacturing process with great care, just like you do when following a recipe – from the meticulous choice of ingredients to the quality of the cooking… This is also why we are proud to have been by your side for over 170 years, helping you to prepare, bake, roast, or grill with ease and success.

Behind the scenes...

Preparation: ceramic slip & glazes

Designed with the utmost care from thoughtfully selected natural materials, our products are the result of skillful blends and expertise.

A bit of clay, a touch of sand, some water, and a few secret ingredients… This is the well-kept recipe for the slip (liquified clay) used in our ceramic cookware.

Our Burgundian workshops are the place where we prepare the formulas for the glazes that give a glossy and resistant finish to all of our pieces.


Once the clay (slip) is ready, exhibiting the right texture and freed of all impurities, it is poured into plaster molds that determine the shape of the piece and absorb part of the clay’s moisture.

After setting, each piece is removed from the mold by hand, trimmed with a sponge, and marked with the initials of the craftsman who made it. This serves as both a signature and a means of facilitating the traceability process. 

All that is left to do is allow a bit of drying time before moving on to the glazing process, which gives color to the pieces.


A recipe for every color!

Made from silica and brightly colored mineral pigments, glaze is used to coat a product in order to vitrify it during firing.

We primarily use two kinds of glazing methods:

- Dipping by hand, or by articulated arm for complex pieces

- Spraying with a spray gun


Yes, the best dishes begin their life in the oven!

This is the step where much of the magic happens.

In our potters’ ovens, under extreme temperatures (over 1,000 degrees), our pieces embark on a journey of at least two hours, the time it takes to travel from one end of the oven to the other (50-80 meters).

The clay thus acquires its mechanical resistance and the glaze vitrifies. Its final color is revealed and takes on its full shine.

Quality control

We know that quality matters to you. Therefore, before leaving our workshops, each of our pieces is meticulously examined according to a precise quality standard.

Then, using a “ring” equipped with a mini bell, a sound test is used to confirm its structural integrity before packaging.

From the choice of our materials to a strict traceability process, our products comply with European food regulations (NF and CE).

Pride & Conviction

We are proud of our ceramic utensils, of the pleasure that you find in using them, and of the fact that their production supports the local economy – for us, the Made in France approach is also an environmental choice.

We are convinced that this is the best place to “manufacture well.” Minimal energy consumption, recycling, and compliance with French standards: this is our commitment each and every day. It is also what you support by choosing our products.

Our universe

It is in order to meet your needs sustainably, and to ensure your full satisfaction, that we develop utensils and accessories designed to serve you every day, to accompany you throughout your culinary adventures – from the oven to the table, from the kitchen to the living room or the garden.

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