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The Emile Henry Tajines

Emblematic dish of the Maghreb cuisine, the Tajine is a matter of meeting and generosity. The Tajine is both the dish cooked and the container in which it is cooked. It requires slow cooking - known as "à l'étouffée" - to obtain moist meat and melting vegetables.

Its dimensions, 26 or 32 cm, make the Tajine Emile Henry the ideal dish to gather and make your family travel around a warm dish. Tajine Chicken, Lamb, Tunisian or even Algerian, once on the fire, you can't miss the fragrant flavours that escape from the lid of your Tajine.

Traditionally made of terracotta, the Emile Henry Tajine is made of ceramic to make it easier to clean and cook. Indeed, our Flame ceramic allows a homogeneous and soft heat diffusion.

Tajine recipe

Far from being complex, cooking a Tajine dish is above all a question of the right combination of herbs, meat, vegetables and spices. The cooking time required for your tagine to simmer sufficiently is the same, regardless of the recipe: between 1 hour and 1.5 hours.

Depending on your tastes, here are some examples of tagine recipes:

- Lamb tagine, with prunes or vegetables.

- Chicken tagine, with preserved lemons or Moroccan style.

- Tajine Kefta, the traditional recipe with eggs.

- Beef tagine, saffron with sweet potatoes.

Each of these tajine recipes will make you travel by associating them with spices such as paprika, coriander, chilli or even parsley.

Tajine cooking

The design of the Tajine takes on its full meaning during cooking. Its conical shape and high edges allow it to hold all your ingredients and to receive the rising steam produced by the cooking of the food.

In order to be compatible with all types of fires, the Emile Henry Tajines are produced in 2 distinct ranges:

The Flame range: Compatible with the oven, gas or electric hobs

The Delight Range: New and exclusive to Emile Henry, the Emile Henry Delight Tajines are the only ones compatible with induction hobs, and of course, with all other heat sources.

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