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Homemade Bread

Home-made bread

Who has never dreamed of making their own bread? Like the bakers of yesteryear, make generous loaves of bread with a crisp crust and soft crumb. Before you start, it is important to make the right choice among the variety of bread moulds that exist, to successfully make your homemade bread recipe.

Whether you are 2 around the table, or with your family and children, whether you like a generous loaf of bread, or crispy baguettes, Emile Henry offers a complete range of bread pans to meet these different needs.

Made of ceramic in France, our bread pans are easy to clean. Compatible with the dishwasher, if ever a few stains should resist, simply heat your pan with white vinegar and let it soak.

By recreating the same humidity conditions as in a traditional bread oven, our bread cloches and other moulds are ideal for successfully raising your first dough!

Our secrets for successful homemade bread by hand or in a food processor:

- The right proportions between the basic ingredients including flour, water, yeast and salt.

- The leavenings, we recommend at least 2 to ensure the proper release of carbon dioxide.

- Baking, to make a crisp and soft bread.

Mini-baguettes, country bread, loaves of bread, or Italian Ciabatta, all you have to do is make your choice!

You don't have to be an expert to make homemade bread

Emile Henry bread bakers are accessible to everyone.They come with recipe ideas and tips!

3 basic steps to make your homemade bread a success every time:

1. Prepare your dough either by hand, in a mixer, food processor or bread maker, following the recipes in this booklet or using your own recipes or a bread mix.

2. Let your dough rise at room temperature, away from drafts, for the times indicated. Before the last rise, place the dough in the baker, shaped the way you want it.

3. To bake, place the baker in the oven with its lid on, at the temperature indicated in the recipe. Bake for the time indicated in the recipe. You can remove the lid a few minutes before the end of the baking process to finish browning your bread.

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