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Baguette Baker

Impossible is not French, which is why we've created a ceramic baguette mold that lets you make your own...

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Impossible is not French, which is why we've created a ceramic baguette mold that lets you make your own homemade baguettes with unparalleled simplicity.

Imagine the delicious smell of warm bread gently waking the whole household, and the beautiful toast with its thin, crisp crust and melting crumb dipped in your coffee!

Tailor-made for your oven, our refractory ceramic baguette mould lets you make baguettes just like in a real bakery, without leaving your kitchen. Ceramic ensures perfect, even baking, giving your baguettes that inimitable silhouette.

Gluten and gluten-free flour blends, seeded baguettes, brioche breads with candied fruit or chocolate chips, everything is at hand to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Each batch becomes a gratifying experience: kneading the dough, watching the dough pieces rise, smelling the intoxicating aroma as they bake, then biting into your warm, crusty baguettes as they come out of the oven. You're bringing the art of French bread to life in your own home.

Chef's tip: For nicely browned baguettes, simply remove the lid a few minutes before the end of baking.

From the flour to the oven, you now master every stage to create baguettes, brioches, galettes or even gingerbread that will awaken your senses with every bite.

Features & Care
  • Length / Diameter 39,5 cm
  • Width 23 cm
  • Height 10 cm
  • Inner length / Diameter 36,5 cm
  • Inner width 21,5 cm
  • Inner height 2,5 cm
  • Capacity 3,7 L
  • Weight - KG 3,36
  • Maximum temperature 270 °C
  • Minimum temperature -20 °C
  • Type de céramique Céramique HR®
  • Reference

HR Ceramic®

Freezer/Dishwasher/Microwave /Oven

Céramique Lead, cadmium and nickel free

10 years warranty

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