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The pleasures of good cooking

We are passionate about real home cooking:
The kind that uses fresh, delicious, seasonal ingredients; the kind that simmers, stews and caramelises; the kind that gets handed down or gets invented; the kind that we love to prepare and take the time to enjoy together.

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La Maison Henry

For 170 years, we have been upholding the pleasures of the palate and the joy of sharing, pure and simple. We manufacture ceramic cookware that enables you to prepare the most delicious dishes with ease. Proudly made in France, we maintain a tradition of Earth and Fire.

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Made in France

Emile Henry has always been committed to French craftsmanship. We remain true to our historic location in Marcigny, deep in the heart of Burgundy, and are proud to contribute to maintaining traditional skills as well as jobs. Each of our pieces is hand-crafted and signed by one of the craftsmen in our workshops.

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for the future

Since the 1950s, advances in technology have enabled us to modernise our ceramics, while making them ever healthier, sturdier, and more long-lasting.

Today, our research laboratory develops high-performance ceramics adapted to new cooking methods. Our designers create shapes that match your desires and the new ways you like to cook. 

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